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Who Is Mike Blissett?

Mike's a shy, introvert, ex-stutterer...who happens to speak to thousands of people with online video, live training, and at events each year.

In a nutshell, Mike helps people find their inner unique and be able to speak with more confidence, passion, and pizzazz on camera, in video and in business.

Mike was a professional singer for 20 years (which helped him overcome his stutter), and in 2003 trained as a Professional Coach.

Since then he's worked with clients around the world, sharing his unique skill, knowledge, and expertise to inspire others to become better communicators and leaders.

See How Mike Helps His Clients

Amina Chitembo

Business Coach, UK

Mike Helped me develop a presentation for a live presentation I’d been booked to give. He helped me with vocal work, presentation skills and stagecraft, and I’m very grateful for his expertise.

Ryan James Lock

PR Agency, Spain

Working with Mike has been one of the best business decisions I have made. By using the strategies he showed me I saw a dramatic increase in both my clients, their results and the income of my business.

Paula Atherill

Director, Creative Analysis, UK

I'm really grateful for being able to work with Mike. You have helped me to focus and take the next steps to achieving the business and community aims that I'm passionate about achieving.