Speaker Coaching

This speaking coaching programme is for people who are ready to step up, speak out, and make their difference in the world...are you ready to begin?

Unleash Your Unique

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a CEO. A consultant or a politician. A trainer or a coach.

You're also a leader...and leaders speak.

For you that could include taking your career (or business) to the next level, inspiring people in your own community, or proving to yourself that you have a voice and something worthwhile to say.

If you want to find your voice, develop a presentation, or create a core message that inspires others to live their best life, too, then this programme is for you.

It's time for you to unleash your unique!

Lights. Camera. Action.

Speaker coaching is not about 'thinking outside the box.' THERE IS NO BOX!! This programme is all about you. Your speaking. Your message.  Your impact.

This Speaker Coaching Programme is designed specifically to get you speaking and using the skills you learn within the programme as quickly as possible.

That's why it's hands on, meaning you will be speaking throughout.

Whether we work 'live' (face-to-face) or remotely via Zoom, there will be video assignments, speaker challenges designed to stretch you, and clear pathways so you can evaluate and see your progress throughout.


1st Impressions Count 

Making a great 1st impression is essential, especially in business.

Whether that means getting your voice heard at the beginning of a meeting, illustrating an idea during an interview, improving your ability to pitch for business, speaking to camera, leading a training session, or speaking on stage in front of thousands the rules are the same; 1st impressions matter.

That's why we spend time looking at how you can create a great 1st impression, control your state (even when you  get nervous), tell an inspiring story (essential in business), develop your presentation skills, vocal gymnastics (yes, really!), and deliver your core message.

How It Works

I only work with a limited number of individual clients each year. People who want to take action, push beyond what they previously thought possible, and share the best of who they are. 

Each programme offers hands-on, immersive, intensive speaker coaching to help you develop your speaker toolkit.

Investment is between £1,500 and £10,000, depending how you want us to work together, and for how long. For more information, please complete the following enquiry form and I’ll be in touch.

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