VIP Coaching Day

Find your voice, develop the 'why you do what you do' story, and learn how to include it within your business messaging.

The Authentic In You

People buy people before they buy products and services, and people buy from people they know, like and, how do you do that then?

Your Voice

This is the 'who you are,' the USP that lets you stand out in a world that wants you to fit in. Your voice is your unique!

Your Story

'Why you?’ The journey you’ve taken and who you’ve become as a result. This is your story of beliefs, values; your inner compass.

Your Script

Your business message, mission statement, the About You page on your website, intro, video, podcast. Your script is you!

VIP Coaching Day

One whole day to work on what makes you unique:

  • Finding your voice - your tone, personal presentation, style and who you are as a speaker.

  • How to tailor the tone, content and stories within your presentations so what you say lands with your audience.

  • Storytelling and content creation, whether for a business meeting or pitch, presentation or online talk/training.

  • Structure and flow, so you find it easy to remember your talk, and the audience also finds it easy to remember what you've said.

  • Speaker's toolkit. Understand how to use slides, props, metaphors, and spacial anchoring techniques for impact.

  • Vocal gymnastics; (yes, really!) making sure you know how to take care of your voice, strengthen it and project safely when you need to.

  • Developing charisma, gravitas and stage presence; are all essential, especially when you want to create a great 1st impression, speak with impact and deliver your message.

How To Book Your VIP Coaching Day

1. Complete the application form below. If I think the VIP Coaching Day would be a good fit I'll offer you a free discovery call to allow us to plan how and when we'll work together.

2. Once we decide to work together we’ll schedule a date in the diary. VIP Coaching days are generally 10 am - 5 pm, with an hour for lunch and a couple of coffee breaks. Days can be face-to-face (central London), or via Zoom - whichever works best for you.

3. I’ll send you a pre-day assignment to begin the process and ensure we’re both in the right headspace for the day. Lunch is also on me (if in London), plus a follow-up 60-minute coaching call via Zoom a month later (included).


Face-to-face (central London) £2,500 / or 3 monthly payments of £895 

Zoom £1,950 / or 3 monthly payments of £700

All fees are due 30 days in advance of coaching

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