Professional Speaker

If you're looking for a speaker to motivate, inspire, and engage your audience...someone with more than 30 years experience on stage as a speaker, entertainer and facilitator, look no further than Mike Blissett. 

Speaker Showreel

Mike's latest speaker showreel, compiled especially for speaker bookers, agencies and organisations wanting to book Mike for their next online or offline event.


Motivational, Engaging and Humourous  

Mike inspires audiences with his own personal story, coupled with messages of resilience, overcoming adversity, and shear determination to overcome the odds - all peppered with a unique mix of empathy, human spirit and heart felt humour. 

Delivering Your Core Message

Whilst it's important to have your audience engaged and receptive, it's equally important to then be able to deliver the core messages you want your people to leave the business meeting, training session or conference with, so they know the thoughts and expectations and leave with a spring in their step.

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