Presentation Skills

Helping you present with impact, panache, and integrity.

Speaker Training

Hands-on, interactive, and experiential...meaning you will be presenting! This workshop will show you how to inspire, motivate, and connect EVERY TIME.

Perfect Your Pitch

Helping you or your team develop an engaging, inspirational and effective instruct, share results, or sell your product or service is essential for business success.

Speaking In Schools

Practical, performance based tools designed to help young people speak with confidence, structure material, and deliver a message in interviews, meetings, or presentations.

The Whole 9 Yards...

Interactive, engaging and bespoke...does that sound like the kind of training you're looking for?

Presentation Skills training can be a 90-minute masterclass or a 1, 2, or 3-day workshop - always delivered as HANDS-ON, INTERACTIVE, ENGAGING experience... oh, and YOU WILL BE SPEAKING AND PRESENTING!!

Especially useful if you want to get your point across during meetings, make sure you’re voice is heard above the din, or ensure your pitch is packed with pizzazz!!

During this training, we will look at techniques to help you:

  • OVERCOME nerves, especially when you're about to stand up and speak 
  • Use your POWER SPOT when presenting to individuals or groups
  • Ensure your message is STICKY, and people will remember it
  • Design your presentation using the professional SPEAKER's TOOLKIT 
  • Make sure you CONNECT with everybody
  • THROW your voice so that it fills the room without shouting
  • Use a MICROPHONE when a pro
  • Sprinkle your talk or presentation with MAGIC DUST to make it shine
  • Avoid DEATH BY POWERPOINT and instead make technology work for you


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"I would just like to thank you for the training over the weekend in Manchester. You delivered in a funny and interesting way and I really remember what you said, so that’s good! Thank you for your passion, it was great to experience your energy."

Daniel Whittaker
Professional Dancer

"Mike inspires a great deal of trust and confidence quickly and his experience and passion for his work are obvious. I had no reservations about engaging him in a professional capacity for our business. He has my recommendation."

Wayne Mullen
Head of Learning and Development, Standard Bank, London

"Mike has been instrumental in areas such as coaching me through my first 100-days with a new company, heading up a sales team, implementing new communication strategies as well as using his vast experience and knowledge of presentation and stage work to help me meet and exceed my targets – so much so that I’ve recently gained a dream promotion within the company."

Gavin Weekes
Marketing Manager, Willmott Dixon, London

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