Communication Skills

Communicating more effectively, even when it's bad news).

Unlock Effective Communication for Business Success

Can be delivered as a 90-minute virtual masterclass or full-day in-house training programme

While many professionals believe they possess adequate communication skills, the reality is that excellence in this critical area requires continuous development and refinement. 

Introducing our comprehensive **Communication Skills Masterclass** program, where you'll learn to communicate more effectively, even when delivering challenging or unwelcome news.

Why are Communication Skills Crucial?

Effective communication is the lifeblood of success in business with both staff and customers. The ability to convey your thoughts, ideas, and emotions clearly and persuasively is essential. Whether you need to deliver an important project update, handle a difficult client, or navigate interpersonal disputes, your communication skills can be the difference between triumph and turmoil.

What You'll Gain from This Training:

1. **Masterful Communication Skills**: Learn how to communicate with clarity, confidence, and impact. Say goodbye to misunderstandings and hello to meaningful connections.

2. **Effective Message Delivery**: Discover techniques to deliver even the most challenging messages with tact and empathy. Turn bad news into opportunities for growth.

3. **Enhanced Listening Skills**: Improve your ability to actively listen, understand, and respond effectively, leading to better relationships and problem-solving.

4. **Conflict Resolution**: Develop strategies to handle conflicts professionally and productively, ensuring smoother interactions in both your personal and professional life.

5. **Adaptability and Versatility**: Adapt your communication style to diverse audiences and situations, making you a more versatile and influential communicator.

6. **Body Language Mastery**: Understand the power of non-verbal cues and use them to your advantage in all your interactions.

7. **Boosted Confidence**: Gain the self-assurance needed to take on new challenges, present your ideas with impact, and seize opportunities.

Why Choose This Training Programme?

1. Interactive Learning:  We offer hands-on, interactive sessions that allow you to practice and refine your communication skills in a supportive environment.

2. Bespoke, By Design: Each programme is tailored to meet your company's needs, ensuring you and your team acquire the skills most relevant to your day-to-day situations.

3. Real-World Application: We don't just teach theory; we provide practical tools and techniques that you can immediately. 


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"I would just like to thank you for the training over the weekend in Manchester. You delivered in a funny and interesting way and I really remember what you said, so that’s good! Thank you for your passion, it was great to experience your energy."

Daniel Whittaker
Professional Dancer

"Mike inspires a great deal of trust and confidence quickly and his experience and passion for his work are obvious. I had no reservations about engaging him in a professional capacity for our business. He has my recommendation."

Wayne Mullen
Head of Learning and Development, Standard Bank, London

"Mike has been instrumental in areas such as coaching me through my first 100-days with a new company, heading up a sales team, implementing new communication strategies as well as using his vast experience and knowledge of presentation and stage work to help me meet and exceed my targets – so much so that I’ve recently gained a dream promotion within the company."

Gavin Weekes
Marketing Manager, Willmott Dixon, London

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