Why YouTube Video?

Nov 27, 2019

Why should you include YouTube video as part of your business and marketing plan? 

Let’s begin with some stats (and believe me, there are many, many more you can find online):

  • As of 2019, there are now close to 2 billion (1.9b) users are logging in to YouTube every month (Statista).
  • A staggering 53% of consumers report that they engage with a brand more after viewing one of their videos on social media (Smart Insights).
  • The knowledge commerce sector (online learning, including coaching and training) is predicted to grow into a $325 billion industry by 2025 (Upwork).

So, whether your business is online or offline, whether you provide your expertise via coaching, training, consulting etc, or whether you sell a product or have even a shop on the high street, the reality is that video can help you be heard, it can help you get your message out, and it can help you make an even bigger difference for the people that become your customers, sign up as clients or join your tribe.

But there are two parts to the why question: 1. why is video useful for your business, and hope you have some ideas from the information mentioned about, 2. why you?  That’s a more personal question; why should you be in front of the camera, why should someone watch your videos, and why would they want to buy from you?

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Video tech...

My course platform: Kajabi 
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My kit:

Today’s camera: Apple iPhone XS

Camera: Panasonic HC V700

LED Lights

Light Boxes

LED Light Ring

Lightweight tripod

Phone holder clamp

Rode Lavier Mic for smart phones

Rode extension cord

Screenflow 8 for Mac - video editing, music and additional b-roll in the video


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