3 Reasons Why You Should Be Posting Your Videos Native To Facebook

Feb 05, 2018

It's a question most coaches, consultants and trainers ask when it comes to posting their videos online, "how can I make sure they show up on as many newsfeeds as possible?"

It's a dilemma, I know - not least because it seems Facebook is awash with other people's videos...just not yours!

So, what can you do to increase the likelihood the videos you work so hard to produce are seen by as many potential customers as possible?

Why Facebook Is Great For You Business

The stats are impressive:

  • In 2017, Facebook averaged an incredible 1.71 billion active users daily
  • Facebook 'Live' videos were viewed on average 3x longer than regular videos
  • More than 100 million hours were spent watching Facebook videos each and every day
  • Facebook paid out a massive $50+ Million To Online Influencers, Publishers, Celebrities For Video & Live Use (and by-the-way, 'online influencers' include coaches, consultants and trainers - people like you 

So, Facebook is indeed 'all that.'

But...and here's the rub; all videos posted on Facebook are not the same. Facebook favour content uploaded natively to their platform and have set their algorithms to reflect that.

How To Optimise Your Video

So here's my top tip for today; post you're videos native (direct) to Facebook.

Obviously. you should still also upload those same videos to YouTube, and LinkedIn, etc. but just make sure you post each of them directly to each platform.

No more sharing, okay (sharing is for social interaction, not promoting your own content). It's a no-no!

So, happy posting - and let me know the difference this makes for the videos you post.

I'll see you again next time.


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