Why You Should Build Your Tribe

Jan 09, 2018

Today I want to talk about why building your tribe is massively important if you want to grow a successful, and sustainable, coach, trainer or speaker business online AND offline.

As I mentioned in previous videos, the internet is about to explode in terms of the numbers of people using it with high speed internet access, potentially within the next 2-3 years. Super-fast internet speeds enable you to offer downloadable or streaming content such as this video, which will be how you will be able to create products (such as online courses) and services (such as group coaching or mentoring programmes) and provide them online as part of your business model.

List building

From major online companies such as Microsoft, Google and Apple, to the small start-ups and independents, the rules are about online and offline business are the same; 'the money is in the list.'

"The money is in the list"

It's essential to grow a list of engaged subscribers who are interested in what you have to say and provide, and would potentially buy your products or services at some point as well. Therefore, list building should be an ongoing marketing activity in your business.

Even the Apple's of this world know that if they just keep serving their existing clients at some point those people will have all the computers, tablets and iPhones they need, and the company would begin to plateau, and eventually diminish.

That's why they, and all the other mega companies constantly strive for new markets...to bring people into their tribe; their ecosystem.

So, think about what you do on a weekly and monthly basis to grow you're list, to expand your influence, to build your tribe.  

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