What’s Your Theme?

Jan 14, 2019

What’s your theme for 2019? Whether it’s in your personal or business life, having an idea of what you want this year to be about is a great way to begin the process of planning for success.

Hopefully you did the work in last week’s video ’Start From Scratch’, and if you didn’t it would be a great idea to go back and do that first, as it’ll help you with this week’s tasks.

This week I want you to start to look in more detail about what you want your theme to be about in 2019. I’ve giving you an example in the video, which I know will help you think about and develop your theme.

Once you’ve decided on your theme, I want you to also write down 3 specific ways you’ll be able to know that either a. you’re on your way and moving in the right direction, or b. have achieved some or all of what you outlined for your vision. And again, I explain each step in this week’s video.

So, notebook & pen to the ready...it’s time to plan your year!

QUESTION OF THE DAY — What’s your theme for 2019?

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