Too Shy To Speak To Camera?

Nov 20, 2019

If you’re too shy to speak to camera, get your voice heard during a meeting, or give a presentation on stage, then today’s I’m going to share 3 top tips to help you feel the fear…and speak up anyway!

I know you can work through that shyness and build the skill and confidence to be able to speak up and captivate people in just the way you want to.

How do I know? Because I’ve been there, too.

As well as growing up with a stammer, I also suffered from being really shy. In fact, even today whilst I can talk in front of hundreds of people at an event, record videos to camera like this, or even put together whole online courses, when I don’t have my speaker or trainer’s head on, I still get shy. The only difference is that nowadays when I feel shy and remember how that used to make me step back and almost become invisible, today I have recourses that help me lean into that shyness and as Susan Jeffers said in her book, ‘feel the fear and do it anyway.’

That’s why in today’s video I share 3-things I do that I hope will help you too next time you’re feeling too shy to speak.

Let’s jump in!

  1. Accept Your Shyness! As I mentioned above, this really is about feeling the fear and speaking up anyway. Most of the speakers, actors and performers you’ve ever seen have probably felt the same shyness as you just before they walk on stage, into that meeting, or position themselves in front of the camera. It’s a natural and normal human instinct. So, the first step is to just accept any sense of shyness you may be feeling. 
  2. Drink water! It’s massively important to stay hydrated, and especially to do that with WATER! Sure, coffee might ‘perk you up,’ but the caffeine will also perk up those nerves, and make it even more likely your mind will race, your hands will feel sweaty, and you’ll talk at a 100 miles an hour! So, drink water. Stay hydrated. It’ll keep you calm and allow you to concentrate on what you want to!
  3. Be 'fully present!' One aspect of feeling shy and nervous before speaking to camera, to a meeting at work or even a larger group of people, is that we tend to go inside and ‘get lost in our thoughts.’ When that happens you disconnect with your reality, which allows those thoughts (and fears) free rein!! A great exercise to help you stay centred and fully present is called keep it factual. It’s easy. All you have to do is say one thing true and about you, then one thing true about something that isn’t you (your audience, the company, your drive to the event), and repeat for several minutes. EG:

- I am standing here

- The camera is on the tripod

- I’m rubbing the index finger and thumb together on my right hand

- The camera battery is fully charged

Remember keep in factual, and do not interpret, passing opinion or mind read. For example, DO NOT say:

- I’m standing here looking shy

- You’re looking bored

- People will know I’ll feeling nervous 

Question of the Day

Let me know which one of the tools here work best for you next time you speak to camera or to a group of people? Leave you comments in the box below.

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