The 3 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Coaches Make

Mar 19, 2018

I'm not just singling out coaches!

The 3 biggest marketing mistakes most coaches make still applies is you have a speaker, trainer, consultant, or online entrepreneur type business. 

But the great thing is that each of the 3 mistakes I highlight are also easy to avoid making in your business.  Believe me, once you're aware of each point, you'll be good to go.

So, what are they?

Well, here they are:

Mistake #1: Lack of clarity

As with each mistake, this one is easily avoided IF YOU TAKE ACTION as part of your business planning.

Here are 3 questions to help you get started. I'd encourage you to spend some time on each, and repeat this exercise at least annually, or before you begin developing your next product or service.

  1. What expertise do you bring to your business? Remember, your skill and expertise grow as you become more experienced and knowledgable in your field.

  2. Who is your ideal client, and what problem do they need help with?Likewise, as your client base grows, and their business evolves, their problems might change, too.

  3. How can your expertise help them with that? 1+2=3...ideally this should be an area you look at on a regular basis. All things in business, as all other areas of life, do not stay the same.

The more specific you can get with each of the above questions, the more likely it will be you'll be able to translate that into your marketing message.

Mistake #2: Too much 'you' and not enough 'them'

Now I know, I've been there too. You're excited. You're proud of your business and what you do. You're pumped about what you can do to help you talk about you and your business ALL THE TIME. But remember, in business: it's not about you, it's all about them!

Whether you're a coach or run some other type of people centred business, then you also need to remember to take a breath and let your prospective customer tell you what they need, too!

Mistake #3: No takeaway

I'm not talking take-out! I mean a genuine experience or sample of what you do. A very important word to use here is generous. The generosity you show in your free initial conversation/strategy or discovery call really will come back and pay you dividends, either in immediate business, or valuable referrals. Therefore, always be generous, both with your time, and your expertise.

So, that's it for this time. Please do leave your comments in the box below, or email me and let me know what's working for you in your business, and also what you might need help on.

Have a great week!

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