Starting From Scratch With Video?

Jan 07, 2019

“Is it too late to start from scratch using online video to promote and grow your business?"

It’s a question I’m asked A LOT, especially by entrepreneurs just starting out, or others wanting to grow their offline business online.

If you’re in the personal development space, running or setting up a coach, speaker and training (etc.) type business like mine, chances are whilst you’d like to say you get business online, the reality is that it’s more a wish than a reality. That’s how it used to be for me, and still is for many other people in our profession right now.

But what happens when business goes quiet (which it it certainly does do from time to time), or you get ill, or just want to take a break and recharge? 

Its that fear, or insecurity that drives the question, “is it too late to start from scratch using online video to promote and grow your business?"

The short answer is NO!!

The longer answer is, it takes a little time AND is absolutely achievable. How do I know? Because I’ve done exactly that myself, and have other people do the same in their business.

So, if you want to begin creating video WITHOUT spending an absolute fortune of gear, studios or so-called professionals promising a Hollywood blockbuster type video for you an equally eye watering fee, then you’ll be pleased to know I’m beginning a group of FREE training videos to get you up-and-running using online video to promote and grow your business.

Today’s video sets the scene and gives you your first piece of homework, to think about the theme of your business. Don’t worry, I explain all in the the video!!

Please leave comments and questions in the boxes below. 

QUESTION OF THE DAY — What’s your vision?

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My kit:
Camera: Panasonic HC V700

LED Lights

Light Boxes

Light Ring

Mic: Audio Technica ATR 3350

Video production, music and additional b-roll in the video courtesy of Screenflow 8 for Mac:

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