Reading Your Audience

Oct 10, 2018

It's 'that look' you get when your delivering content in a meeting, training or making a presentation. 

You ask yourself, "Do they love me, or hate me?!!"

Is that look saying that they're 'all in' with your content or the concept you're speaking about, or does that slightly glazed look scream 'I'm bored, get me outta here!!?"

Slam dunk...or slam flunk?

In today's video I share 3-quick ways you can evaluate and calabrate whether [and how much] your audience is engaged and hanging on your every word, or clock watching and waiting for home time.

As a speaker, it's essential for you to navigate throughout your talk whether or not your message is landing, or bouncing over the heads of the people in the room [and then be able to adjust your delivery as needed].

3 great indicators are: 

  1. Body Language
  2. Engagement
  3. Energy Level

Though it's also really important to suggest that you calibrate each.

For example, if your audience is sitting in silence, arms folded, on their mobile phones, does it mean they're engaged, or disinterested?

Silence can indicate focus, arms folded concentration, and typing on a mobile phones note taking…or not.

Your job is to find out which one it is for you!

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