Knowing Your Left Hand From Your Right Hand

Jul 26, 2018

Now, I know you know your left hand from your right hand (or at least I hope you do)!!

But when you're speaking to camera, sharing an idea in a meeting, or inspiring an audience, EVERYTHING you thought you knew about left and right changes!

How come?

In a nutshell, your left hand and your right hand REVERSE...and anyone who's ever said, "oh that's easy, I'll remember, has probably never actually done it successfully in front of a group of people.

It's a bit like tapping your head with one hand whilst rubbing your tummy in a circle with the other (easier said than done - right?)

Whether you speak, train or present as part of your job, or include it as part of your own business, I know you already have enough to think about without me suggesting you also remember to reverse left and right..

But there is an easier way!!

From a presentation skills point of view, knowing left and right may seem insignificant, but it makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE when you're sharing a concept, making a point, or telling a story.

That's why I recorded today's training video, sharing 3 simple and effective ways you can remember which hand is which, PLUS; if you also support what you're saying with a story, then I include an advanced strategy to help you create even bigger impact using left/right - past/future...but more of that in the video.

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