In Conversation With...Pearl Jordan

Jun 11, 2018

Jim Rohn once suggested, 'you are the average of the 5 people you spend most time with.'

Now I don't know whether that's completely true, though I do believe books you read, speakers you listen to, and mentors you learn from have an enormous effect on business you build and person you become.

That's why I started a mastermind group, wanted to interview inspiring speakers, and share those interviews with you in the hope that you can learn from and be inspired from them, too.

With that in mind, I recently spent a wonderful couple of hours in Kew Gardens, where I interviewed the amazing Pearl Jordan.

Pearl is a professional speaker, trainer and coach - and is presently coming to the end of a one year term as President of the PSA (Professional Speaking Association) London. Now, as I'm sure you'll appreciate, not all speakers are alike (or people who include speaking in some part of their business) with that in mind, I wanted to ask Pearl:

  • To tell you about her business, and how speaking is part of it
  • Any 'top tips' after a year working with hundreds of speakers as PSA President
  • How energy, flow and finding your voice find their way into the work she does?
  • Why Prince Charles said "yes" to the 'click click - and how he (and Pearl) made the front pages of the newspapers the following day!!
  • What plans she has for the future

If you'd like to connect with Pearl or ask her any questions visit:

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