How To Take Imperfect Action

Nov 08, 2018

What’s THE ONE THING - product, service or promotion - that you should be working on right now, but has perhaps been languishing away because you want it to be prefect first?

As Harry S Truman once said, “Imperfect action always outweighs perfect inaction.” 

Only every time!

In today’s free training video, How To Take Imperfect Action, I'll walk you through a simple 3-step process to help you get the one thing done, rather than tangled up trying to make everything perfect first. I use this method myself, so can honestly say, it works!

...and just to say, imperfect action is not about sharing 2nd rate content or half baked ideas - you should always strive to produce your best work - but then get it out there so followers, clients and customers can benefit from your knowledge, skill and expertise.

So, what’s THE ONE THING for you?

You can even tweak, edit or update it later if you want, and people will love even more for that, too!! 

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