How To Start A Podcast - Interview With Susan Heaton-Wright

Apr 24, 2019

Whether you’re a new or established coach, trainer or entrepreneur who features (or wants to feature) speaking in some aspect of your business, then today’s interview with Susan Heaton-Wright is just for you.

Susan is a Professional Speaker, Trainer and Coach, and has developed her own Superstar Communicator Model that she shares with audiences and clients alike.

Susan also runs and produces her own successful Podcast, so I ask her how she does that, what equipment she uses, and which platforms she uploads it to for maximum impact.

The equipment, resources and platforms Susan mentions during the interview are listed below.

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*** Show Notes and Resources ***

Susan’s present website (April 2019) is:

Susan’s new website coming in May 2019 is:

Ice Ball Mic (for Podcasting):

Garage Band (for Mac): available on Apple App Store

Audacity (for Mac or PC):


Susan’s Podcast: search for ’Superstar Communicator’ on iTunes


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My course platform:
Kajabi (get your FREE 28 day course building series here:

My kit:
Camera: Panasonic HC V700

LED Lights

Light Boxes

Light Ring

Mic: Audio Technica ATR 3350

Video production, music and additional b-roll in the video courtesy of Screenflow 8 for Mac:

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