How To Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking and Build Confidence

Sep 09, 2019

It’s often mentioned how the majority of us fear public speaking more than death, and whilst that may seem ludicrous, the reality is that many people do fear speaking in front of a group of people, whether that’s at work, socially, or even online in front of your smart phone.

That’s why today’s video is about sharing 8 Ways To Help You Develop Confidence When Speaking To Groups.

The fear of public speaking, is also known as glossophobia (from the Greek glōssa, meaning tongue, and phobos, meaning fear or dread.

For many people the fear of public speaking shows up at work, when they’ve been asked to lead a meeting, give a presentation or share an idea aloud.

As a teenager, I used to fearing asked to read aloud to the class, knowing I’d stammer, others would laugh, and I’d feel terrible. For many years, even after I’d stopped stuttering, I’d still shy away from speaking up, fearing I might.

Today, I work with people facing their own version of dread and fear of public speaking, and help them develop more confidence, knowing the next time they need to present or give a presentation, at work or socially they’ll feel more capable and aware of their own strengths.

In today’s video I share 8 of those skills, all taken from my own personal journey as a stutterer, singer, and the professional speaker I am today. Nowadays, I also get to share these strategies during business and personal workshops, and can see how a nervous speaker at the beginning of the day can leave the room at 5pm with more resources and an new found belief that indeed, they are an effective public speaker, too.

Let’s jump in: 

  1. Expect to feel nervous! It sounds obvious, but the truth is that the vast majority of professional speakers, actors and entertainers get nervous before a performance. It’s natural. Most even believe that it’s the nerves that keep them at the top of their game!
  2. Prepare. Plan out what you want to say, whether you use a time line, a storyboard or post it notes stuck to the wall. It’s essential. 
  3. Practice. Whilst you don’t need to learn everything off by heart, it is a good idea to practice what you have to say, especially the beginning and end (open and close). As an extra resource, my free online training and report, Speak Up Stand Out - 5 Weird Ways To Begin Your Presentation will help you do just that!
  4. Breath. Once again, this is one of the most important tips the professionals use; breath - both to calm you down, focus and get yourself ‘in the zone’ for your presentation. 
  5. Focus on the audience. Contrary to what your nervous mind might be trying to tell you; it’s really not about you, it’s about them - your audience. Focus on what they want from your presentation; the information, the detail, the story, the message - and remember THEY WANT YOU TO SUCCEED! They want to be enthralled and enriched by what you say, so stop worrying about what they think and give them what you’ve got!
  6. Simplify what you have to say. It’s a common human instinct to want to impress. But doing that often leads to us attempting to pack too much detail, information, even fancy words into what we have to say - and remember, the audience just want to ‘get it.’ So, simplify. In speaking, less really is more!
  7. Mental rehearsal. Another pro tool that even elite athletes use. Visualise your talk going really well. Remember, you’re the director here, so be clear what you’re visualising; you delivering on your ‘a game.’
  8. Act ‘as if’ you’re confident. Or, as Social psychologist Amy Cuddy suggested in her famous TEDtalk, ‘fake it until you become it.’

Believe me, the more you practice and take the opportunities to speak up to groups of people, so you’re fear of public speaking with decline, and in its place will be an innate self confidence of public speaking is for you.

I know, after all, I’ve been there and done that, too.

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