How To Get Great Video Testimonials

Jun 27, 2018

I'm sure you know the impact testimonials, especially video testimonials, can have in positioning your expertise and attracting new clients to your products and services.

But if you're unsure how to ask, what to say, or struggle with capturing quality video as part of your marketing funnel, then this week's 3-step video training is for you.

It includes a 3-step process to help you:

  • Ask at the right time, ensuring your request becomes an easy 'YES!!"
  • What to say, so your client shines - as they're saying wonderful things about you!!
  • How to add that magic touch, making your video testimonial into a mini masterpiece!!

There's also a super exclusive opportunity hidden right at the end of the video...but you'll have to watch it all to know what it is!!

Remember, click the video and watch now!!

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