How To Be More Confident Making YouTube Videos

Nov 05, 2019

It’s natural to get nervous before you go ‘live’ or hit ‘record on video, especially regarding how you expect (or fear) others will react to your content. That’s why in today’s video I share 5 strategies to help you feel more confident when you speak to camera, whether on YouTube, a webinar or an online course.

One of the basic human fears we all have is the fear of ridicule. It can stop you standing up for what you believe in, shining your light, and sharing your ideas with the world.

However, whether you share your expertise live to camera, in pre-recorded video or as a webinar, whilst occasionally someone might not agree or like what you’ve said, in my experience the vast majority of people will be in your corner and appreciative of every video you make - and believe me, that feels great!

So, in today’s video I share 5 strategies to help you overcome whatever insecurity or fear you might be feeling about sharing your videos, and instead feel more confident with every one that you make.

  1. Expect The Worst, Prepare For The Best. It’s natural to get nervous before you go ‘live’ or hit ‘record on YouTube, especially regarding how you expect (or fear) others will react to your content. However, in my experience both ‘live’ in the training room, and also ‘virtually’ online, 99.99% of people are brilliant and only want the best for you, and to learn the best from you. So relax, take a deep breath and make your videos anyway.
  2. Make Videos Regularly. It’s obvious and I know you’ve heard this from me before; the more videos or the more you go ‘live’ on a regular basis, the more skilful and confident you’ll become about it. If you’re wondering what ‘regular’ looks like, I’d suggest you produce new content weekly, since from a Google and YouTube algorithm point of view, anything less is probably recorded as ‘inconsistent’ and wouldn’t be great if you want your content to be included in users search results. In my experience there’s no quick fix or fast track to the first page of Google. It’s the old approach; build the relationship, keep turning up, and don’t let people down (and remember, doing that will also build your confidence on camera).
  3. Remember, It’s Showbiz, so Turn It On! Whether your video is going out ‘live’ or is pre-recorded, the reality is that it’s a show. Even if your aim is to make a documentary, window into your life style video, it’s still a show, so get into ‘the zone’, dial up that pizzazz, and make sure you’re the best, most confident, easy, real (you get the drift) version  of you in front of the camera. Go for it!
  4. Focus On The Why. One skill that usually goes down the plughole when you’re nervous in front of the camera is clarity of purpose; the reason you’re doing this thing! So, whether you have your channel mission statement printed up and pinned to your wall, or have it as a screensaver on your smart phone, it’s a good idea to be reminded of the reason you’re on this journey, building your channel, and making this particular video. You can also include your purpose as part of your intro on each video, for example mine is ‘helping your speak with more confidence, make better video, and build your business with online video.’ What’s yours?
  5. Research, Plan, and Rehearse. Believe me, whilst I know you can ‘wing it’ (and many people do), the more you research your content, plan what you’re going to say, and rehearse it a few times, the confident and professional your video will look. Plus, the more you lay the groundwork and set yourself up to succeed in advance of the shoot, the more enjoyable the shoot will be, and the less editing you’ll also need to do afterwards. 

Question of the Day

What do you do to build your confidence making videos?

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