Group Coaching Programme + Early Bird!

Aug 14, 2023
Group Coaching Programme

If you’re a coach, or include coaching in some aspect of your business, and would like to grow and expand that business, then I’m pleased to let you know applications are now open for the next cohort of my Group Coaching Programme for Coaches!

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If you’re a passionate and dedicated coach ready to take your business to new heights, then look no further – the September cohort of my Group Coaching Programme for Coaches is tailor-made for you!

Imagine tapping into a powerful network of like-minded can-do coaches, all striving for greatness, just like you. This Group Coaching Programme isn't just about learning strategies – it's about igniting a transformational journey that will skyrocket your coaching business to unprecedented levels of success.

🔥 What We’ll Discuss 🔥

**Getting Clear On Your Success:** It’s very hard to hit a target you can’t see, so now’s the time to get clear, focus - or refocus on what you’re looking for in the success of your business.

**How To Build Your Tribe:** ‘Build it and they will come’ might work brilliantly in a Hollywood blockbuster (Field of Dreams, staring Kevin Costner, 1989), but it simply doesn’t work in business. What does work, is knowing exactly who you want in your tribe (your mailing list.

**Deciding Your Products & Services:** 1-2-1 coaching is a great start...but to build a thriving coaching business you’ll need to evolve a little more than that, which is why products and services will become your forever friends.

**Developing Your Marketing Funnel:** Developing a communication strategy that builds credibility with your tribe is important, and should include a sales strategy as well.

**Understanding The Sales Process:** So often the sticking point for coaches, but it doesn’t have to be! Looking at how a sales process can serve you - and your clients - instead of worrying you, is massively important.

**How Not To Leave Money On The Table:** Coaches often ask the question, ‘what else,’ which is why we’ll be discussing what that means for you in your business. How else could you be of service for your clients?

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Your coaching business is your legacy, and this small Group Coaching Programme for coaches will help you build yours with intention, purpose, and passion. Don't let another day pass without taking action. Spaces in this Group Coaching Programme are limited to a maximum of 6 people, so secure your spot now and embark on a transformational journey that will forever change the trajectory of your coaching career.

Ready to take your coaching business to the next level? Let's make it happen...together.

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Remember, greatness doesn't wait – it's forged through dedication and action. Join our Group Coaching Programme and ignite the spark that will set your coaching business ablaze with success!

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