Feels Like The First Time!

Jul 25, 2019

Not that first time!

I’m talking about the first time I used Kajabi…

It was March 2016.

I’d been offered a discount, just like the one you’re being offered now, and whilst I felt excited having invested in my business, the reality was I got overwhelmed and did nothing with the platform for most of the first year (crazy, right)?!!

Sure, I saw other entrepreneurs using Kajabi and achieving success with their websites, coaching programmes and online courses, but I hadn’t got a clue how to create all that myself.

Then almost a year later my mastermind buddy Erun, suggested he put me in touch with someone who could help show me how to get started using Kajabi, and how to do it quickly (after all, I’d wasted most of the first year).

Within weeks I’d built my own website - I BUILT MY OWN WEBSITE!! That was massive. I’m not a techie, but I did it, page-by-page, myself...which tells you if can do it, you can, too (plus now I know how to use the platform, I’m here if you need help, too).

My first online course, Speak Like A Pro Online followed the website, as did webinars, a mastermind group and coaching programmes - all built using Kajabi - my very own online business!

Now, Kajabi are offering a very similar lifetime discount to the one I got in 2016...but it’s only available until the end of July.

This exclusive offer where you can save hundreds of pounds (or dollars!!) a year, on the ONLY tool you need to build, grow, and scale your entire online business (and is not available through any other online retailers) is ending very soon (on the 31st July).

So if you haven’t taken advantage of these amazing savings just yet, NOW’S THE TIME, as this special partners only offer is coming to a close in 7 days. 

Click here to find out more and accelerate your business growth with Kajabi (and save)!!

Plus, if you go ahead with this Kajabi offer and continue after the initial 30 day money back guarantee period, let me know and I’d also like to offer you an exclusive 2-hour personal 'ask me anything - getting started’ Zoom call with me (usually £500) - just to make sure you get going so much quicker than I did!!


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