Do Introverts Make Great Speakers?

Aug 06, 2019

Do introverts make great speakers and presenters? Or, to ask the question in a slightly different way; do extroverts make better speakers and presenters?

As an introvert myself, it’s a question I considered, and worried about, for many years...and it’s one I hear time and again from clients, delegates in workshops, and people that come to have a chat after I’ve given a presentation. They usually say something along the lines of, “well, it’s alright for you...” little knowing that whatever stagecraft I have has been learnt, and the ‘genuine, authentic’ delivery they congratulate me on is in fact my introvert nature showing up.

So, what about you? Whether you're on stage, leading a meeting or speaking to a camera, if you worry that being an introvert (or not being extrovert enough) will negatively effect your chances of success, then this video is for you!

And, if you just want some concrete evidence that tells you whether you’re introvert or extrovert, that’s okay, you’re still enough, then keep watching, too.

Question of the day!! Are you an introvert or an extrovert, and how does that effect your speaking or presenting?

Leave your comments and questions in the box below.

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