Conquer Your Fears and Master the Art of Online Speaking

Jul 09, 2024
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If you’re an online coach or entrepreneur, you know how crucial it is to share your expertise with the world to sign more clients, make a difference, and grow your business. However, speaking to a camera or into a mic on a podcast can make even the most knowledgeable professionals break into a cold sweat. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. I grew up with a stammer and lacking confidence, so I know firsthand how it feels not to be heard. Many coaches and online entrepreneurs face similar fears—knowing they have what it takes to help others but feeling paralyzed when speaking online.

That’s why I created "Speak Like A Pro Online", a comprehensive course designed to help you find your voice, create engaging content, and present it authentically to a camera or into a mic—even if you're unsure where to start. Through July, I’m offering this course for only £197 (the usual price is £397)—that saves £200! I’m including THREE valuable bonuses worth £350—my treat. That’s a total saving of £550!

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Why Overcoming Fear is Crucial for Your Success

Whether live or pre-recorded, public speaking is essential for reaching a wider audience, boosting your credibility, and increasing your revenue. But the fear of speaking can hold you back from achieving your full potential. By enrolling in "Speak Like A Pro Online", you’re not just purchasing an online course but investing in your future success as an online communicator. Imagine reaching a wider audience, boosting your credibility, and increasing your revenue—all because you’ve mastered the art of speaking online.

Your Questions Answered

But before you buy the course, I wanted to address some common concerns and questions I've heard from others who have perhaps hesitated initially but then took it and gained value from it.

1. "I'm too shy to speak on camera."

Believe me, I understand this completely. As someone who grew up with a stammer and low self-confidence, I know the anxiety public speaking and speaking online can cause. The course is designed to help you gain confidence step-by-step—just like Jane, a life coach who took the course previously. Initially, she couldn’t even look at a camera without feeling nervous, but now she regularly hosts clients' meetings, webinars, and training sessions!

2. "The tech stuff sounds overwhelming."

I agree it can be, so I’ve broken it down into simple, manageable steps. Plus, you only need to use the tech you feel comfortable with...meaning the moment it feels overwhelming, ditch it! Today's smartphones have incredible cameras, and you don't need to edit (unless you want to, and if you do, I'll show you how in Module 5). Doug, a hypnotherapist, found the tech part so useful that he continues to access the course today to check in and refresh.

3. "I'm not sure if I can create engaging content."

Creating content that captivates and converts is a skill you can learn. John, a business mentor, tripled his audience engagement using the techniques from this course, and you’ll discover how to develop compelling content that resonates with your audience, too.

4. "What if it doesn’t work for me?"

I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk.

5. Do you have a payment plan?

Absolutely! You can sign up using ApplePay, GooglePay, or another card—or spread the cost directly with a payment plan from ClearPay or Klarna (interest-free). Choose the option that works best for you at checkout.

6. What if I need support during the course?

Leave a comment in the module (which I'll always respond to), email support@, or keep in touch via my Facebook Page. This may be 'home study,' but it's certainly not 'lone study.' I'll be with you every step of the way.

So, are you ready to conquer your fears and transform your business?

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Being able to speak and be visible online is a skill that can open many doors for you as a coach or entrepreneur. Whether you’re looking to boost your credibility, reach a wider audience, or increase your revenue, mastering the art of speaking online is essential, and "Speak Like A Pro Online" is designed to help you do just that.

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