Be. Do. Have. 2019 Plan [Part 2]

Dec 06, 2018

Welcome back to part 2 of this Be Do Have exercise.

Now, you did the work in the first part [featured in my previous video], didn’t you? I’m sure you did...but just in case you didn’t I’d encourage you to take a few minutes now, watch the 1st video, the work, and then come back to this step.


[Hope so]

Part 2 of Be Do Have is where we go a little deeper with what you want to achieve in 2019. You’ll need the work you did from part 1, and some fresh sheets of paper to get the most out of this step, too.

Once you’ve competed this part of the exercise, watch out for the final part of this process on Monday - don’t worry, I’ll drop you a quick email to let you know when the video goes ‘live.'

You’ll also have an opportunity to book a special standalone 90-minute coaching call with me [Zoom or telephone] to really take your New Year planning to the next level. I’m only setting aside 10-session between now and Christmas, meaning it’ll be first come first served, but more of that on Monday.

In my experience, by completing Be Do Have in this way you’ll get far out of it, rather than if you’d just wizzed through it. So, give yourself this time BEFORE the holiday season starts, and you’ll be happy knowing you’re already set-up and rearing to go in the New Year.

So, if you haven’t already, click ‘play’ to watch today’s video exercise - and remember; click the LIKE, SHARE, & COMMENT buttons...[and if you’re watching this on my YouTube channel please also remember to hit the SUBSCRIBE too]!!

Have fun planning your 2019 and see you on Monday!!

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