Amos Madra Interviews Mike Blissett

Jul 04, 2018

A couple of week's ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed for The Amos Madra Podcast Show.

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Amos wanted to find out about my story, and in particular:

  • Why I decided to leave a 'secure' career in banking to reinvent myself as a coach and trainer
  • How I faced the financial hurdles of starting a new business
  • What I really did to overcome my stutter
  • Plus much more (he was very nosy)!!

Amos is a brilliant guy. As well as running a successful coaching practice, he's also started his podcast show, interviewing other people to find out how they'd managed to step outside the box, create a new course and live their passion.

"Success leaves clues"

I met Amos a few years ago at a speaking event in Manchester, and we've been Facebook buddies ever since. Amos is a qualified Coach helping people break through whatever distress, anxiety, or stress has been holding them back and preventing them from becoming the best version of themselves.

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The Amos Madra Podcast Show aims to inspire, motivate and encourage listeners by sharing unique stories of people that have beaten the odds and achieved interesting and unusual milestones in their lives and business.

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