How To Come Up With Content For Your Video Blog

Aug 28, 2018

If you're finding it difficult to come up with fresh ideas on a regular basis for your video marketing content, and you'd like some top tips of how you can make that easier, then this week's video blog is for you!

Here's a question I hear A LOT!! 

"How do you come up with new content all the time?!!

Great question!

But the short answer is; I DON'T!!

Truth is, I follow a simple 3-step formula to help me produce content for my video blogs regularly, and in today's video I'll walk you through each.

#1: Decide Your Niche. The thing is, there's a lot of coaches out there, there's a lot of coaching blogs, and video posts, and podcasts out there, so be specific - and the more specific the better. When you do that you can go deep and discover the real challenges your viewers are experiencing. It'll help you come up with so many more ideas.

#2: Research Your Market. The more specific you get with your niche, the more you can research your ideal market - giving you the chance to really get to know your avatar, your ideal client.

#3: Batch Content. "How can I consistently make videos?" The answer is to batch content, and I'd strongly encourage you to do the same. For example, book yourself out for one day, or half a day, each month. Use that time to shoot, edit and upload a months worth of videos. It really will take the pressure of you thinking you have to record them all the time!


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