8 Days / 1 Week Video Diary, Day 3 - 7pm

Apr 25, 2018

Day 3 of my '8 Days / 1 Week' video diary giving coaches, consultants and online entrepreneurs a behind the scenes look at how I run my business, what each day looks like, and does and doesn't go to plan.

This evening I'm recording this a little earlier than usual, since posts are intended to go out via Facebook Live at 7pm, yet tonight it's 5 minutes earlier, at 6.55pm, as I have a group Q&A call with my Speak Like A Pro Online Students.

The SLPO monthly Q&A is a monthly call I offer all past and present students that have worked through the programme and want to use more video in the way they position and promote their business.

Each call is live, and I'm there to answer any questions, share any ideas I've come up with since the last call that might help them with their video and marketing, and hopefully be there to help them with any challenges they might have had since we last spoke.

We record each of the Q&A calls, and once done they're available within the members are as an addition resource for those that attended live, or as a catch-up for anyone that didn't.

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