8 Days / 1 Week Video Diary, Day 1 - 7pm

Apr 23, 2018

8 days, 16 'live' video blog/diary posts from presentation skills coach, training and professional speaker.

Day 1: 7pm, Monday 23rd April.

Originally broadcast 'live' on my Facebook video page, here's the unedited version for my Youtube channel.

What did I achieve today? Did I get everything I'd planned on my to-do list competed? No!!

I did however achieve a whole lot more, and I think that's the lesson for all entrepreneurs; be flexible and achieve more than, rather than exactly what you planned to achieve. Obviously, not an exact science, and absolutely a reframe from the usual 'FAIL" we tell ourselves...but a whole lot more useful in the long run.

So, that's day 1 completed. I'm checking out now, and look forward to seeing you again LIVE 10am tomorrow.

Wishing you great evening.

Peace out :)

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