6 Habits of Highly Effective Coaches

Mar 05, 2024

Becoming a successful and sought-after coach is an enticing ambition, I know. The allure of autonomy and financial success can dominate our dreams. However, the reality of successful coaching involves much more than positive thinking, even though, of course, that is also essential. Building a successful coaching business demands consistent effort and disciplined habits like any other entrepreneurial type of business. If you're building your coaching business or plan to do so, the following six habits industry-leading coaches tend to demonstrate could also form the blueprint for your success.

1. Strategic Planning

Whilst the industry-leading coaches may seem effortless in their delivery and how they show up in their business, the reality is usually far different! They plan meticulously. They plan ahead monthly, quarterly, and even year by year. Strategic planning helps them navigate product and programme launches and marketing, avoid challenges or gaps in their business cycle, and notice further opportunities, often before anyone else.

2. Mastering Multitasking

Building a successful coaching business will involve juggling various tasks, simultaneously working 'in' and 'on' the business regarding coaching delivery and development of programmes, marketing, etc. To thrive as a successful coach, part of your role will be to develop processes and strategies that help you run your business rather than feeling it has somehow taken control and is running you! Finding the tools and techniques that streamline your workflow and enhance productivity will save you from burnout and enable you to thrive as a successful coach.

3. Prioritization

Not all tasks are created equal, and yet all will have a pull on your time! The most successful coaches tend to develop the skill of discerning what's urgent and what can wait. Prioritize your activities based on the impact they have on your daily workflow, your goals and the needs of your clients. Tools I use to help me prioritize and run my business include Kajabi (click to find out more and get a 30-day free trial), Calendly, Zoom, and Google Workspace.

4. Delegation

While you may have started as a one-person solopreneur, as you grow in the future, you'll notice that growth requires delegation. So, as you reach those points of the decision whether to continue running your business in the way you've built it or push on to the next level, consider how others might then be able to handle those tasks that sit outside your expertise, therefore allowing you to focus on activities that drive results, foster your clients' development and grow that business.

5. Consistent Action

I know you've heard this from me countless times: consistency is perhaps THE most important building block of your business. Why? Because being consistent demonstrates that you show up, follow through, and deliver as the professional coach you are. Consistency is essential. Identify strategies that work for you, research what your favourite coaches do to ensure they deliver and stay consistent, and implement those ideas relentlessly. Whether it's client outreach, content creation, or skill development, consistency breeds trust and credibility.

6. Self-Care

As a coach, you walk your talk, so your well-being is paramount. Physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness directly impact your ability to serve your clients effectively. Prioritize self-care practices that recharge your energy and foster resilience. The truth is that part of the reason the industry-leading coaches seem to shine and exert an allure of success is that they take care of themselves. How they do that may differ for each of them, though for you, think about how you currently take care of yourself, what may be missing, and what you could do about that as you move forward and develop the successful coaching business you want.

As a coach, I've witnessed the transformative power of these habits in my clients' journeys and the coaches I look up to and follow. Establishing systems and fostering consistency in these habits are the cornerstones of sustainable success in the coaching industry.

Remember, as a coach, you wear multiple hats - your coaching programme(s), marketing, sales, operations, and finance all rolled into one. Embrace the responsibility, recognize when to look outside to ask for help, and enjoy building your coaching business.

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