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Oct 25, 2017

Do you have a speaker resource kit (or equally one to support you if you run a coaching or training business)?

It's essential, especially if you run that business predominantly by yourself.

A speaker resource that supports me with ideas and connection arrived in the post only this morning, and it's this, The Speaking Magazine. 

Speaking for The UK Market

Begun about a year ago here in the UK by two professional speakers, David Hyner and Les Jones, The Speaking Magazine came out of the realisation that whilst there were some great resources and magazines out there for trainers, speakers and coaches, there wasn't one specifically for the UK market.

Their aim was to share business ideas, tips and best practice if you want to run a successful speaking business. Each edition includes interviews with top professionals in the industry, and this month you might recognise Claire Young, who took part BBC1's The Apprentice programme a few years ago.

Claire Young

Claire is now also a professional speaker, and also runs a speaker Bureau supplying speakers and trainers for the education sector (schools and colleges).

Her mission is to inspire to motivate. The interview is about 8 pages long, and gives a great insight into how Claire runs her speaking business, and also the kind of difference her speakers and trainers make by working with young people in schools.

"No man or woman is an island."

One of my favourite phrases I share when I'm speaking or training people in business, or student coaches about to start their business at The Coaching Academy, is that "no man or woman is an island."

Whether you're a sole trader or someone running a micro business (possibly implying a part time VA or occasionally outsourcing), having a speaker (or coach, or trainer) resource kit is essential, not only to help you through the difficult times every business has from time to time, but also to inspire, motivate and give you new ideas when at that moment you might have none.  

If you're interested in The Speaking Magazine, follow the link here (it's not an affiliate link) and see if it's a resource for you.


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