[Review] Best Mic To Use For Smart Phone Videos

Mar 08, 2018

If I asked you to suggest what goes into making a great video, you'd probably mention the camera, editing, and content as high contenders, right?

Whilst they are indeed massively important, there's one more aspect that's generally regarded as being even more important when wanting to make your video masterpiece...and that's the sound.

Whether you produce 'how to' or marketing videos to grow your business, sign more clients, and simply to share your expertise online, making sure the sound is great will make a huge impact on the results you get.  

...and that means using a great (and relatively inexpensive) mic.

Which is why in today's video I review a mic that was recommended to me by a professional speaker friend several years ago, and is the benchmark in producing near studio quality audio when using your smart phone to record your video

Click the video at the top of the page to find out more.

And by-the-way, just in case you want some of the techie info behind what makes this mic so good, take a look at the website here: 


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