The Speaker Within

Mike's an introvert in an extrovert world! Having grown up with a severe stutter, Mike found his voice in his mid-20s...and now speaks to thousands of people online and offline every year.

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...from stutterer to speaker

Training Coaches

Mike has been part of the training team at The Coaching Academy, the World's largest coach training organisation, since 2007 and has delivered more than 1,000 days of training for their students.

Inspiring Youth

Over the past 5 years, Mike has delivered presentation skills training for 6th form students in schools and colleges, helping them present and deliver content with confidence and style.

Engaging Audiences

Mike inspires and motivates audiences with stories of how he overcame a debilitating stammer, freed himself from childhood bullying, and finding a unique voice as a professional singer.

It's A Relationship Business

Mike has travelled far and wide as a professional speaker, trainer and coach, including to Malaysia (pictured here at the Next Generation Leadership Conference in Kuala Lumpur in 2016), Isreal and France. 

Travel Stories People  

Mike loves to travel, which as a former singer-songwriter, and today as a speaker and trainer, provide him with an endless source of inspiration, insight and great stories to tell his audiences.

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