Speak Like A Pro Online

Helping you take your skills, knowledge and expertise and deliver it using online video...even you think you're the shyest person in the World!


Step Up!!

It's time to step up, clear your throat...and share your ideas and expertise with the world - you'll be surprised how many people will listen!

Speak Up!!

Discover your ability to speak up with confidence, passion and pizzazz to camera, knowing your integrity and gravitas will shine though.

Stand Out!!

Stand out from the crowd by sharing your own unique story - it's often the why factor and the reason people are inspired to work with you.


  • Presentation Skills Training
  • Speaking To Camera Technique
  • Best Mics To Use For Optimum Sound Quality Without Breaking The Bank! 
  • Overcoming Speaker Nerves
  • Building More Confidence When You Speak To Camera
  • Creating Your Online Personality
  • Clarifying Your Core Message
  • The IMPACT Speaker System To Help Ensure Your Videos Connect and Deliver Massive Value
  • The 4-Mat Model - Showing You What To Say & When To Say It In Your Videos
  • The Tech, Including Types of Camera and Lights To Use In Your Videos
  • Intro To Video Editing Software
  • Hands On Video Editing, Showing You How I Edit A Video From Shooting To Publishing
  • Pro Techniques To Give Your Videos The Professional Edge
  • Designing Your Signature Programme
  • Developing Products / Services That Grow Your Brand and Your Business

Tanya’s story...

Hear what Tanya had to say about the programme and how it’s helping her confidence and her business.



  • Bonus #1: 4 Week SLPO ‘Fast Track’ (value: £167)
  • Bonus #2: Mini e-course, Coach Session Profits (value £167)
  • Bonus #3: Monthly live group Q&A calls via Zoom - your chance to ask me individual questions! (3 calls value £500)
  • Bonus #4: ebook, The Art of Epic Thinking (value £35) 

30-Day Money Back Guarantee 

Watch all the videos in Speak Like A Pro Online, do all of the exercises,  and if you don't feel you've received value from the course simply let me know within 30-days and you'll receive a full refund - no problem, no risk, just an incredible opportunity.



If you’ve been avoiding including video in your business because you get shy in front of the camera, or because you don’t know what to say and how to say it, or because the techie side is just...well, a little too techie, then this course is for you.

Fiona’s story...

Hear what Fiona had to say about the programme and how it’s helping her confidence and her business.


"The re-focus in my pitch has added $6,500 to my income in the last month alone, and I can genuinely attribute every cent of that to your advice, Mike."

Lucy Counter
Business Coach, California, USA

"Working with Mike has been one of the best business decisions I have made. By using the strategies he showed me I saw a dramatic increase in both my clients, their results and the income of my business."

Ryan James Lock
PR Coach and Entrepreneur, Ibiza, Spain

"I’m really grateful for being able to work with you Mike. You have helped me to focus and take the next steps to achieving the business and community aims that I’m passionate about achieving. I really appreciated your patience and attentive style, it’s very easy to work with you and I was lucky to gain from your years of experience!"

Paula Atherill
Director, Creative Analysis, Huddersfield

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